Clueless Cher Suit Classic Costume

Costume Troubadour Pas Cher

  • Model: 15082G
  • Color: WhiteYellow
  • Size: L
  • Best back-to-school outfit goes to… Cher Horowitz! Everyone will want to be your BFF when you wear this Clueless Cher Yellow Classic Suit. Perfectly plaid and never without knee-highs, Alicia Silverstone took school girl style to a new level, and you can too! If a boy doesn’t like you in this costume, he’s a complete

    Clueless Cher Costume for Women

    Costume Troubadour Pas Cher

  • Color: Black
  • Size: M
  • "Oh. My God. I'm totally buggin'." - Cher, CluelessDon't worry Cher, we tend to bug out sporadically too. Like for example, when guys wear baggy jeans so their boxers show. Ugh, as if! Like, we may be a traitor to our generation but why not just buy pants that fit? Also, we hate failing our driver's test. We totally know that you paused at that stop sign and we agree, it did come out of no where! Don't worry though, you have a lot of great karma coming your way. After all, you played matchmaker perfectly by pairing up Ms.

    Clueless Cher Costume | Authentic Movie Inspired Design | Sized For Adults

    Costume Troubadour Pas Cher

  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: XLL
  • Costume designed in the UK by Orion Costumes, a company that pride themselves on inventive and inspiring party costumes, whatever the style and whoever the customer. From the truly hilarious to the beautifully chic, there’s something for everyone at Orion

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