Little Colonial Miss Child Halloween Costume

Miss Poland National Costume

  • Model: 140554
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: S
  • A classic early American costume! Little Colonial Miss costume includes a long blue dress with white lace trim, a white apron and white mop style hat. Does not include stockings or

    Miss Reaper Teen Halloween Costume

    Miss Poland National Costume

  • Model: CC04082LG
  • Color: Black
  • Size: L
  • The Miss Reaper Halloween Costume will let your teen have a spooky edge for the occasion with a fun and unique look. This outfit offers a black dress that is easy to slip on and features a dark color that gives the ensemble a spooky style. The teen girl Halloween costume also includes a cape with an attached hood, printed glovelettes, tights and a waist chain, completing the overall appearance. This attire is made with polyester, creating a soft and comfortable fit that your teen can utilize for long periods of time. The Miss Reaper costume is specially designed for

    Miss Sassy Krueger Adult Halloween Costume

    Miss Poland National Costume

  • Model: 17672 Black Plus
  • Color: BlackGreen
  • Size: One Size
  • This is the sexiest Kreuger you will ever see. The Miss Sassy Krueger Halloween Costume includes a tattered mini-dress sweater with Sassy cut slashes across the midriff, gloves and a hat. Whether you're planning on hitting the town, tearing it up at a party or spending the night in, this Miss Krueger Costume will be the ideal mix of fun and fright. Designed for Halloween fun, this costume is made from materials specifically chosen for comfort and durability. Ready right out of the box, this Miss Freddy Krueger Halloween Costume is designed to make getting dressed-up

    Miss Poland National Costume Video

    Poland - National Costume - Miss Universe 2018